Dealing with irate cutomers

If you work in a job that deals with people then you have or will have run across an irate customer sometime in your career. The problem does not come from irate customers the problem comes from how you handle irate customers. Hopefully the following few tips will help you […]

Productivity Tips

When you are trying to run a business certain things can be more important than others, for example that water cooler that needs replaced could wait a few weeks but having a good productivity rating or improving your business’ productivity is one of those topics that needs to be addressed […]

Be a professional

Whether you own a business, run a business, or simply work for a business it is important to keep a level of professionalism. What do you think of when you hear the term professionalism? Do you think of wearing a suit and tie or a skirt and heels to work? […]

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Organizing Your Home Office

Working from home can be quite challenging even more so than working in an office outside of the home and this is because when you work in an office outside of the home you tend to only spend eight hours a day there so it remains an office. When you […]